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Publié le 30 octobre, 2017

Cantley, October 31st – All roads are now open to traffic EXCEPT Chemin Mont-des-Cascades between Pavillon and Cross. For more information, please contact Simon Carpentier-Mathé 819 827-3434, extension 6814.

Cantley, October 30th – Services des travaux publics, des incendies and MRC des Collines are working on the emergencies. We thank you for your understanding and invite you to call 819-827-3434, extension 6814 for any emergency.

The Red Cross invites people who can not return home to call 1-877-362-2433.


Chemin du Mont-des-Cascades between Pavillon and Cross.

Road users coming from South are recommended to use Route 366. Road users coming from North are invited to turn back.

Fermeture du tronçon Chemin du Mont-des-Cascades de Pavillon jusqu'à Cross


Rue des Princes between Manoirs and Marquis. Detour by Duchesses.

Fermeture rue des Princes


Montée St-Amour between Neuville and Lavergne. Detour by neighbouring streets.

PARTIALLY CLOSED ROADS (traffic in alternation) :

Attention : lightweight vehicles only for section on Vigneault between Knights and Léveillée.

Chemin Fleming (between 307 and Hamilton)
Chemin du Mont-des-Cascades (closed to Vachon)
Chemin Sainte-Élisabeth (between Lesage and Grand-Pré)
Chemin Vigneault

Intersection chemin Denis and Beaumont
Intersection chemin Tâché and Montée des Érables

Rue du Commandeur (between Sizerin and Bouchette)
Rue Oslo (closed to Rena and Banff)
Rue de Villemontel

These roads are accessible but Municipality recommends to avoid them.

Here is a release from Public Security Service of the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais. It is recommended to use 9-1-1 in emergency situations only. For all other non-urgent calls, please use the following numbers: 819-459-9911 or, toll free, 1-888-459-9911.

Please be careful on the road.


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