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To give everyone a common goal

“A welcoming nature”

The Municipality of Cantley acts according to a Mission, which is its reason for being. Through its Vision, it aims to accomplish major goals. The work done every day to achieve these major goals is completed in accordance with the five values of the Municipality. These values are shared by the entire organization and guide its administrative and political practices.


To provide, to the full potential of the available resources and abilities of the organization, municipal services tailored to the needs and aspirations of its citizens, while improving their quality of life in all respects in a sustainable way.


The Municipality of Cantley:

  • aims to implement and strengthen the conditions that allow for the sustainable, economic, social, and cultural development of the environment and its population, in partnership with key institutional and governmental players, in order to establish and continually improve the quality of life chosen by its residents;
  • invests in its infrastructure in order to meet the growing needs of the community, with respect for nature and the environment;
  • is in an enviable economic position, innovates through its practices and commitments, and actively participates in the development of tourism and economic service offerings, and thus takes advantage of this new economy;
  • is a leader in expertise, making sure to keep its citizens at the heart of its concerns.


Each council member and employee upholds the honour associated with their position, which requires constantly practicing the following five values: public interest, respect, equity, excellence, and innovation. Each council member and each employee looks out for the interests of the municipality, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  1. Public interest

This value includes:
Customer service quality

Guided by the public interest, we provide effective services that meet the expectations of the citizens as a community and ensure the safety and protection of everyone.

  1. Respect

This value includes:
Consideration for others
Loyalty to the organization
Respect for commitments

Guided by respect, we foster trust and solidarity between the members of the organization and its partners, which is a key element in maintaining the quality of the organizational climate.

  1. Equity

This value includes:
Understanding and recognizing everyone’s roles
Teamwork in achieving goals
Fair treatment

Guided by equity, we foster trust and solidarity between the members of the organization, its partners, and the taxpayers. Equity is a key element in healthy interpersonal relationships within the organization and in achieving our goals.

  1. Excellence

This value includes:

Guided by integrity, we handle each situation with professionalism, objectivity, and diligence in order to ensure the relevance and excellence of our operations according to the established standards. This generates a climate of trust and credibility conducive to listening and cooperation between individuals and the organization.

  1. Innovation

This value includes:
Results-based management

Guided by innovation, we conduct research in order to develop innovative and consistent policies that ensure that municipal services are provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We remain on the lookout for new technologies and educational opportunities that allow us to develop tools and direct municipal services to achieve our goals. We accomplish our mission and vision by taking concrete and measurable actions in the field.

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