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A department that focuses on respect, integrity, and innovation

The mission of the Human Resources Department of the Municipality of Cantley is to ensure the sound and effective management of all activities affecting employees, such as the allocation of labour, health and safety, training, total compensation and organizational development, pay equity, and all other laws relating thereto.

Careers, learning environments, and job offers

The Municipality of Cantley offers you the opportunity to grow in an environment where your skills and talent will be put to good use.

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Are you a student and you need to find an internship setting that allows you to consolidate your learning and confirm your skills with experienced workers?
It’s always possible to join the team for a professional experience internship (unpaid). Here are the departments where a student may apply for an internship:

  • Human Resources;
  • Culture and Recreation;
  • Urban Planning;
  • Finances;
  • Public Works;
  • Economic Development;
  • Communications.


Send your resume, cover letter, and a description of your internship (period, number of weeks, evaluations, name of internship supervisor, etc.) to the attention of Ms. Diane Forgues, Director of Human Resources, at the email address

Working with the Municipality of Cantley means:

  • growing in a stimulating work environment;
  • putting your talent to good use;
  • progressing to live up to your ambitions.



  • Competitive wages
  • Group insurance plan
  • Pension plan
  • Flexible time off, which promotes family life
  • Inclusive employment policies and programs


Employee recognition
The Municipality of Cantley has established an employee recognition program in the aim of complimenting or congratulating its staff during certain social events, as well as providing tangible tokens of sympathy and encouragement during periods of mourning or hospitalization.

More specifically, it highlights:

  • the welcoming of new staff members (orientation);
  • years of continued service;
  • the departure and retirement of staff members;
  • accidents requiring hospitalization, long-term illnesses, births, and adoptions;
  • marriages;
  • deaths.

It also highlights the efforts, successes, and exceptional work of municipal employees.

Health and safety
The Municipality is committed to providing the conditions, equipment, and support required to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. It relies on the commitment, willingness, and action of everyone to prevent workplace accidents.

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