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The cornerstone of operations

The General Direction is the cornerstone of the proper functioning of the municipal administration. It is the link between the municipal council and the administrative apparatus.

Under the authority of the municipal council, the General Director ensures the planning, coordination, supervision, and administration of all Municipality operations. They also ensure the implementation of the strategic guidelines and the proper execution of the council’s decisions as well as the objectives and programs of the Municipality in order to offer the citizens of Cantley quality services.

The General Direction prepares the minutes of the council sessions and acts as secretariat to ensure that the decisions made are forwarded to the responsible departments, then executed. To this end, they certify the copies of official Municipality documents.

As part of their duties, the General Director mobilizes all municipal employees in the achievement of the mission and the realization of the Municipality’s goals. They ensure that the municipal structure is in harmony with the political vision and the administrative management.

They furthermore ensure communication between the mayor, the council, the service departments, the committees, and the municipal staff.

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