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Founded in 1989,

Cantley is one of the youngest municipalities in Quebec, and in recent years, it has attracted several new young families. People settle here for the large green spaces, the quality of the environment, and the incredible views of the hills and the river, which grant it a bucolic charm. Residents appreciate the space that Cantley offers in its residential neighbourhoods and the closeness to quality municipal and community services. Cantley has a population of over 10 000 inhabitants over an area of 134 square kilometres, and it is located about fifteen kilometres north of the urban centre of Ottawa-Gatineau.

Nestled in the enchanting setting of the Outaouais hills, Cantley is a paradise for lovers of nature and the great outdoors. Bordered by the Gatineau River for nearly 23 kilometres, the Municipality offers its residents, as well as tourists, spaces of exceptional quality. Surrounded by vast forests and several lakes, its geography is marked by rugged terrain made up of rich flora and fauna, both in terms of their diversity and the number of rare species. The local climate is humid and continental, with mild summers.

With their welcoming nature, Cantley’s businesses meet your leisure and recreation needs: a golf club, a ski centre, a world-class cross-country skiing club, a water park, a health and relaxation spa, a campground, two bed and breakfasts, and several other shops. As Cantley is fertile ground for business, several dynamic companies operate here, and the Association des gens d’affaires (AGAC) supports entrepreneurs whether they’re new or established. The local services are booming.

We believe in developing a living environment that makes us proud! A Municipality where moments of gathering and sharing talent between generations become catalysts for forward-looking projects. A place where people are active and healthy. Our goals promote a bold and vibrant community that moves to the beat of a strong identity! These are our hopes for Cantley!

We invite you to take part in this great project. Your comments and suggestions are welcome at any time. These new ideas will help us enrich our service offerings and serve you – Cantley’s residents – better.

Harmoniously yours,

Madeleine Brunette

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