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Contracts and calls for tenders

In accordance with the Cities and Towns Act (L.R.Q. c. C-19), a municipality must, when awarding any construction, supply, or services contract, unless excepted by law, proceed via a call for tenders by way of written invitation when the amount of the expenditure is between $25,000 and $99,999 or via a call for public tenders when the expenditure is $100,000 or more.

Calls for tenders by way of written invitation are characterized by the Municipality of Cantley sending the tender documents to at least two suppliers who are capable of meeting the requirements of the call for tenders. A tenderer who was not the subject of a written invitation cannot bid on a project.

Calls for public tenders from the Municipality of Cantley are open to any tenderer who meets the administrative, legal, and technical requirements of the call for tenders. They are published on the electronic tendering system (SEAO) website..

Awarded contracts worth $25,000 or more

Since the entry into force of the Act to Amend Various Legislative Provisions Concerning Municipal Affairs (2010, c. 18) and the Act to Amend the Act Respecting the Régie du logement and Various Acts Concerning Municipal Affairs (2010, c. 42) on June 11 and December 10, 2010, respectively, local municipalities have been required to publish a list of contracts worth at least $25,000 since April 1, 2011.

To view the list of contracts worth at least $25,000 concluded by the Municipality of Cantley, please consult the electronic tendering system (SEAO). You will have to insert “Municipality of Cantley” in the search box and select the dates in question.

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